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Présentation de l'IAE

In a strong position thanks to a 50-year experience, the Business Administration Institute (IAE) of Poitiers stands for a reference in education, management training, finance, and management and marketing. As the second IAE in France, with 2,500 students, it offers more than 25 course programmes (BScs, Master’s degrees, doctorates) nationally and internationally recognized.

Among the largest elements of the university of Poitiers, the IAE is the first regional pole of higher education in management in the Poitou-Charentes area. It puts strategic main lines into action to serve the students’ interests meeting companies’ expectations and permitting a professional insertion in French or foreign jobs  equivalent to that of business schools.

The education offered by IAE means to be pragmatic and is based on a strong theoretical foundation. Given by university teachers and professional contributors, it offers students and company employees extensive knowledge through educational methods adapted to everyone: initial education for students, continuing education for employees or for people following a retraining programme, apprenticeship education for the students seeking a university/company alternative or also through distance learning. The university degrees and diplomas granted by IAE are internationally recognized and fully contribute to the personal and professional success of their holders.

Education programmes adapted to all projects and to everyone.

The IAE of Poitiers offers more than 25 course programmes for the 3rd year of the Bsc, the Master’s degree and the Doctorate. It offers a diversified, attractive range of training which is general, specialized as well as professionalizing  in the main domains of management: finance, accounting, marketing and management.

The IAE aims at all audiences: students, employees, people in a retraining programme. It relies on various educational methods appropriate to its audience’s expectations: apprenticeship education, distance learning, cooperative education… Result: 50% of the students are to be found outside IAE premices (in companies, abroad, at our partners’…)

Partnerships in order to expand our renown

The IAE of Poitiers develops partnerships with foreign institutions and has set up in Asia (China, India), the Middle-East (Lebanon) and  Africa (Egypt, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Benin, Cameroun, Ivory Coast. It also collaborates with French Business Schools: ESSEC, ESCE in Paris and Sup de Co in La Rochelle. These international and international relocations allow to expand IAE’s fame and to favor work placement research for its students.   

Mandatory internships

At the IAE of Poitiers, internships are mandatory and are included in all programs (3-6-month training periods according to the levels). They are an ideal opportunity to start out in a job and to gather experience in the professional world. Abroad, they allow students to develop their linguistic skills. For example: students in the 3rd year of the BSc’s have to carry out a 12-week internship abroad.    

Studying abroad: a priority

The IAE of Poitiers offers students a wide opportunity to study abroad thanks to its international 40-university network and its ERASMUS exchange program. It has developped and signed agreements with many countries such as the USA (Oregon University System) or Canada (Laval and Moncton Universities) which allow students to follow part of their education programs in one of these partner universities (Second year of the Master’s). As an excellent booster for their carreers and CVs, this enriching experience also enhances the student’s training when meeting a potential employer.                  

Qualicert: a certification of the quality of our services

In 2006, the IAE of Poitiers obtained the “Education - Research” Qualicert service certification whose objective is to garantee a constant quality of the services both to students and partners. Every year, the certified characteristics are audited to be granted the renewal of the Qualicert label.

A solid network

From the start the IAE of Poitiers has been part of the 31-IAE network  all over France which represents a significant part of the higher education in management public offer. It is in constant and close relations with the network, a place where the Directors of the IAEs can exchange, meet and elaborate common action strategies nationally or internationally. For example, the IAE network supervises the SIM - Score IAE Message test which is common to all IAEs.

Three regional sites

The IAE manages three sites over the Poitou-Charentes area: Poitiers, Niort and Angoulême. The education programs offered at the IAE of Niort focus on the management of marketing projects and on the commercial development of companies in relation with the economic environment of the region: banking sector, insurances, mutual insurances (apprenticeship training).

The European Center of Child’s products (CPE) in Angoulême trains students to the new dimensions of design and packaging applied to the various child products and markets.

27 diplomas and degrees

2,700 students (BSc’s, Master’s, Doctorate) 990 of which are located in 12 foreign countries

45 permanent teachers

36 administrative staff members

200 professional contributors

1,000 work placement offers

300 job offers

5 theses presented per year

High-performance equipment

13 classrooms equipped with video-projection

classrooms equipped with computers at the students’ disposal two of which in free access (8:00-20:00)

Meeting rooms for teachers (50 seats)

1 APEC room (Association For Executive Employment) and groupwork rooms in the library

1 amphitheatre (200 seats)

1 resource center on the premises and on line

Free-access photocopiers

Wifi for all students

1 Research Laboratory - LE C.E.R.E.GE

2 resources