The IAE Poitiers student office, or Nayts’ (Night and Day Students) fulfils several roles. First it is there to give a dynamic image of the school, the students and the city. Through the many events it organises, the association contributes to the team spirit among the school’s students.

You are students training for business, and as you know the important thing is to build up your personal network. Those who leave the IAE will have profiles suited to high quality employment. To develop your professional network, you can start by making friends at the school….and to make these friends, we provide the right environment, especially through cultural events and a « nightlife ».

This year since we wanted to develop the dynamism of the BDE, we decided to create a mascot: Foxy. Foxy will be at all our main events, in particular at the IAE Cup where it will attract the team of supporters and be a major asset for winning the « Atmosphere Cup »

The main events organised by the BDE follow this trend, first with the Integration Weekend (200 people) then the Gala for alumni and and students (600 people) and an other weekend event to celebrate the end of the year (150 people). Apart from these occasions, we hold regular evening events in the centre of Poitiers.

For more information and to keep up with our news, you can find us on Facebook : Nayts BDE IAE Poitiers.


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