Initially created in 2005, Cell’IE has grown to become the official IAE Poitiers association of Competitive Intelligence in 2013.

Cell’IE has 3 main objectives for students and professionals :
- La Promoting the value of Competitive intelligence at the IAE Poitiers ;
- Making EI tools more accessible ;
- Training its members in IE.

Cell’IE members are divided into three complementary areas:



Like for the action area, the Watch team undertakes missions within the IAE in different courses. In this way, Cell’IE carries out watch on the reputation and visibility of these courses through benchmarking the competition.

Through the above activities, association members perfect their skills by working for professors and entrepreneurs in an atmosphere of mutual confidence. This has great added value for both parties, clients and Cell’IE.


For the communication team, the work consists of organising lectures, workshops and meetings on the theme of economic intelligence. Themes of watch, Big data or information flows are presented and made comprehensible to students. The communication team also manages the association’s public face – a blog that gives all the latest developments in the field.: www.cellie.fr . All these missions give members experience in communication skills.

For more information, contact us via:

@ProjetCellie         Cellie               Association Cell’IE              contact@cellie.fr

" Economic intelligence can be defined as the set of coordinated actions seeking, processing and distributing information with a view to exploiting it in a way that is useful to economic actors. » Henri Martre.


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