Com’Unity was created in March 2013; it is the association of the IAE Poitiers Strategy and Communication Management track

Com’Unity aims to contribute to the dynamism, cohesion and reputation of this track, keep up contacts and encourage the network of the master’s alumni who were originally graduates of the ICOMTEC, and alumni of other previous courses such as the IUP Information-Communication and the « maîtrise de sciences et techniques ».

To reach its objectives, the association depends on the talents of its members and various activities.

Open to the public and to students from other faculties, the associations holds Communication Debates on various themes twice a year. These themes have wide appeal: Internet and private life, manipulation of images by images etc.

For professionals, Com’Unity gives an overall view of the events the track deals with La Vienne: les Printemps de la com.

For alumni, Com’Unity organises Afterworks, in Paris and Poitiers, to keep in touch and have discussions.

On its blog, Com’Unity shows how the students in this track observe current events and comment on them like young professionals.!

For 2014-2015, two students from Master 2, Flora DAVY and Ophélie MAILLARD, are the association presidents. The team is made up of 12 students from Bachelor 3 to Master 2.

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