The first exhibition, « Voyages », was held in November 2010. Empreinte has since set up fifteen other events through rich cultural seasons. All the events are designed to invite the public to discover new talents and artists at all levels in their careers. Since its creation, the association has exhibited in various places including the ICOMTEC, the ENSMA, the SP2MI, the IAE Poitiers and place du Maréchal Leclerc.

Empreinte is above all about involving the various forms of artistic expression (photography, painting, drawing, dance and music), creating opportunities for students to meet each other and encouraging them to find out more about contemporary art.

Why is this project important?

Today culture has a fundamental role to play in society. The association organises events in the Poitou-Charentes region in places that are not necessarily made for the purpose. The idea is to create serendipity and unexpected discoveries. It also enables a public relatively unused to attending cultural events to access them. Empreinte organises events with the aim of sharing and discovery.

Empreinte is thus an association that works to bring art directly to students and make culture accessible to all.

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