JEIC, Junior Etudes IAE Consultants, is an association (under the French law of 1901) that is part of the IAE Poitiers. It is made up of students from different Masters and Bachelors programmes. For the past ten years it has been a member of the Confédération Nationale des Juniors-Entreprises, known as the CNJE. Working like a consulting firm, the association puts the services of IAE students at the service of companies who request studies in communication, Economic Intelligence, Marketing, Finance and Management.

The following firms have put their trust in our services:

To continue its work, the JEIC needs YOU.

In order to carry out these missions, the JEIC asks IAE students to be responsible for carrying out studies that firms request. Under the guidance of a project leader, the students take on various missions in Communication, Marketing, Finance, Economic Intelligence or Human Resources (depending on their specialisation) to satisfy clients’ demands. Students are remunerated for these services.

Being responsible for carrying out a study is also a great way to promote your own competences, enrich your professional experience and thus add to your CV. In fact, the Junior-Entreprises movement enjoys a good reputation with companies! This status also offers other advantages such as access to theme based training given by experts throughout the academic year.

What exactly are the types of missions?

Different types of missions can be undertaken by students. Here are a few examples:


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