Having a work contract in a company and being paid while at the same time preparing a recognised qualification: that is the double advantage offered by apprenticeship!

To give students every chance of success, the IAE Poitiers has been active in encouraging apprenticeship for over 15 years. We have already helped train over 1500 apprentices and helped them to get into the job market immediately after graduation.


Apprenticeship is a highly efficient way of getting your first job. The courses are prepared together with organisations so they are precisely in line with what companies need. Students from apprenticeship enjoy an extremely high rate of immediate employment.

Unlike an intern, an apprentice is considered as a real employee who acquires several years’ experience during his/her course. The company knows the individual’s professional capacities: this is a precious asset that avoids the cost and complexity of external recruitment.


Thanks to apprenticeships, the IAE enables students to choose a course that leads to a recognised qualification. This is a unique opportunity to acquire job experience while getting a degree from the IAE.

Témoignage d'une étudiante apprentie en Master 2 GRH

As part of our concern to offer students training that leads to job opportunities, the IAE offers 7 types of master’s level training (BAC+5) through apprenticeship contracts:

Retour sur le premier JobDating organisé par les étudiants de Master 2 Gestion des Ressources Humaines


For practical details about how apprenticeship works
Download the apprenticeship guide

To offer a student apprenticeship
Download the employers guide

To follow a course through a « contrat de professionnalisation »

For the practical details,
Download the guide to the contrat de professionnalisation


  • To find your apprenticeship you have to prospect yourself. Try companies, institutions, professional bodies, chambers of commerce, information and career guidance centres and your own professional network. To make your search easier, do not hesitate to contact someone in the IAE apprenticeship department for a list of partner companies.
  • In the company, you are supervised by an apprentice supervisor. This person is chosen by the company for his/her experience and know how. He/she will guide you throughout your apprenticeship contract.
  • At the IAE, you are also supervised by a tutor who will offer guidance and liaise with the apprenticeship supervisor in the company.
  • Don’t forget your academic objectives (getting your Master!). The mission the company offers has to be approved by the pedagogical director of your chosen academic programme


You can apply on line. You can modify your application at any time


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