The CEREGE is a laboratory for research into management science, but it also welcomes colleagues from other disciplines such as Information and Communication sciences (section 71) and the science and techniques of physical and sports activities (section 74).

The CEntre de REcherche en GEstion  CEREGE, was founded in1998. It is recognized by the Ministry of Research and comprises 135 researchers, amongst whom 85 research professors and 50 doctoral students from the University of Poitiers (particularly the IAE), the University of La Rochelle, La Rochelle Business School and other institutions.

The lab covers 5 main themes of research

  • Market strategies and consumer cultures
  • Management tools and their appropriation in firms;
  • Public management and society
  • International strategic Intelligence
  • Governance and sustainable development

There is also a transversal research theme (digitalization, its uses, territories and society)


In recent years, the CEREGE has expanded and has contracts with industry - Danone, La Poste, Bouygues, etc. - and public organisations – Ministries, the “Cour des Comptes” etc. Today it has a solid reputation in France and abroad regarding management tools, marketing children’s products, economic intelligence, piloting accounting reforms in the public sector and crowdfunding

Some of the latest research contracts include the following:

  • Knowledge sharing processes (in partnership with Bouygues)
  • The dynamics of social innovation in the Social economy (in partnership with the CRESS (regional body for the social economy) Poitou-Charentes)
  • The creation of a cultural cluster supported by economic (Pôle Régional des Musiques Actuelles – Regional centre for contemporary music)
  • The Employment and mobility of European teams of circus artists and a study of the audience for the Contemporary Circus (European contract)
  • Crowdfunding as a link in the chain for financing SMEs (in collaboration with the Universities of Tours and Poitiers)
  • Quality of management and quality of life at work (in partnership with the ARACT (regional association for improving working conditions)
  • « Ludo-aliment: children’s consumption of « fun food »: pleasure, risk and education (in partnership with the National Agency for Research/Danone)
  • Collaboration and research partnerships through the Chairs Fleury-Michon (RSE) and Alsthom (in partnership with the La Rochelle Business school)
  • Digital social networks and their impact on modes of consumption (in partnership with La Poste)
  • IDENTIC: certified digital identity (in partnership with La Poste and MylDis.)

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The CEREGE has a strong tradition of collaborating with public and private organisations ...

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