Are you a foreign student who wants to come and study at the IAE as part of a partnership (Erasmus+, bilateral agreement etc.) or on an individual basis? Welcome!

There are two possibilities:

  • You would like to come and study at the IAE Poitiers for one or two semesters as part of a partnership (Erasmus + exchange programme or bilateral agreement outside Europe, Coïmbra)
  • You want to apply on an individual basis (not part of any exchange programme).

Depending on the case, the process of applying and/or finding accommodation in Poitiers are different.

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What they say:

Daniela Sund, Finland, Master 2 Human Resources Management, IAE Poitiers

My Human Resource Management studies at IAE Poitiers have been very fruitful and interesting. The teachers are good and part of the courses are given by specialists from outside the university. The studies are intensive with many classes, but you learn a lot. My program contains a 6 months long internship, which really enriches the experience from the studies abroad.

I like Poitiers as city as well. You will like Poitiers if you prefer smaller cities in combination with many cultural and historic sights and beautiful views. The association Méli-Mélo arranges many different activities for exchange students. Also, the university sports associations offer a really wide range of activities and courses.

Alina Stanescu (Timisoara, Romania), Master 2 International Management, IAE Poitiers

By coming to the IAE de Poitiers as an Erasmus student I have met colleagues with different backgrounds, coming from a culture very different from mine. We shared our traditions, our past experiences and we lived new ones. And now I have new friends from all over the world: Canada, China, Egypt, Madagascar, France, Morocco … Beside that, Poitiers is an extremely multicultural city, so I got to know many others foreign students. In the second semester I had to do an internship, and this way I better discovered the French culture, French management, the magnificent French cuisine. A wonderful experience!

Johann Robisoa, Madagascar, Master 2 International Management

With the help from the International relations department, I felt completely at home at the IAE. They helped me even before I arrived in Poitiers and I felt welcome from the start. My time was also made easier by a grant from the Poitou-Charentes region.  The IAE Poitiers offers excellent education in an environment that encourages study and since I was lucky enough to be in the school’s most international class, I was able to discover in only a few months’ different cultures from places as varied as Egypt, Canada and Romania, and of course French culture. Poitiers is a student city and I never had time to get bored – classes, international evening events and discovering the region all kept me busy. This was undoubtedly one of the richest experiences in my life.


You can apply on line. Your application can be modified at any time.



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If you are a foreign student and you want to come and study at the IAE as part of a partnership

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