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Encouraging student mobility, improving their language skills, and expanding their network abroad, are the mission of the International Relations office of the IAE!

Our international strategy stays on several axes:

  • Encourage the international mobility of students through study trips or internships abroad;
  • Welcoming foreigners in our various courses and thus promoting the mixing of cultures in the classes;
  • Participate in European and international programs and networks;
  • Develop the offer of courses in English and welcome an audience of non-French-speaking students;
  • Offer delocalized IAE training, in particular through distance learning.

Study abroad

Receive great experience, explore the world, raise your language skills, and give an international dimension to your CV… while benefiting from financial aid. It is just a short part of the benefits to receive from an exchange program in IAE.

The IAE allows you to study at a partner institution for 1 or 2 semesters in your Master’s course. Several programs are open to you: Erasmus + (for stays in partner universities in Europe), partnership programs in Canada (CREPUQ program, partner universities in New Brunswick) and in the United States (Oregon program).


Also, the programs such as Fulbright Foundation and CIEP allow you to make your exchange.

Internship abroad

Internship abroad is a great bonus for your career. Europe and Region Nouvelle Aquitaine are ready to help you get through.

Those organisations released a unique scholarship program to fund your international experience. The amount of this aid may vary, plus it depends on your status (have you already got the scholarship or not) and your destination (inside or outside Europe). The amount of aid subsidy is from €60 per week to €500 per month. Moreover, the aid for travel costs may be requested (from €200 to €400 according to the destination)

Come to study at the IAE

A unique opportunity to learn French and complete your course in immersion

You want to come and study at the IAE as a foreigner and become a participant in a partnership (Erasmus+ program, bilateral agreement, etc.) or individually. Welcome!

There are two ways to go about it:

  • you want to come and study at IAE Poitiers for 1 or 2 semesters as part of a partnership (Erasmus + exchange program, bilateral agreement outside Europe, Coïmbra);
  • you would like to apply individually (excluding exchange).

The procedures for submitting an application or finding accommodation in Poitiers can vary. But, Internation Relations Office is always available to help.

They said :

Daniela Sund, Finlande, Master 2 Gestion des Ressources Humaines, IAE de Poitiers

My Human Resource Management studies at IAE de Poitiers have been very fruitful and interesting. The teachers are good and part of the courses are given by specialists from outside the university. The studies are intensive with many classes, but you learn a lot. My program contains a 6 month long internship, which really enriches the experience from the studies abroad.

I like Poitiers as a city as well. You will like Poitiers if you prefer smaller cities in combination with many cultural and historic sights and beautiful views. The association Méli-Mélo arranges many different activities for exchange students. Also, university sports offers a really wide range of activities and courses.



Alina Stanescu (Timisoara, Roumanie), Master 2 Management International, IAE de Poitiers

By coming to the IAE de Poitiers as an Erasmus student I have met colleagues with different backgrounds, coming from a culture very different from mine. We shared our traditions, our past experiences and we lived new ones. And now I have new friends from all over the world: Canada, China, Egypt, Madagascar, France, Morocco … Besides that, Poitiers is an extremely multicultural city, so I got to know many other foreign students. In the second semester I had to do an internship, and this way I better discovered the French culture, French management, the magnificent French cuisine. A wonderful experience!


 Johann Robisoa, Madagascar, Master 2 Management International

Grâce au service relations internationales, je me suis vite sentie bien au sein de l’IAE. Ils ont accompagné toutes mes démarches avant même que j’arrive à Poitiers, et l’accueil fut impeccable. Mon séjour a également été facilité par l’obtention d’une bourse de la région Poitou-Charentes. L’IAE de Poitiers offre une formation de qualité dans un environnement propice aux études, et ayant eu la chance d’être dans la classe la plus internationale de l’institut, j’ai pu découvrir en quelques mois des cultures magnifiques comme celle de l’Egypte, du Canada, de la Roumanie, et bien sur la culture française… La ville de Poitiers elle-même étant une ville étudiante, je n’ai pas eu le temps de m’ennuyer entre les études, les soirées internationales et la découverte de la région. Cette expérience fut indéniablement l’une des plus riches de ma vi



The International Office is available
from Monday to Friday | from 8:45 till 12:15 and from 13:15 till 17:30
20 rue Guillaume VII le troubadour – BAT E1 – TSA 61116 – 86073 Poitiers cedex 9

Contacts of the International Department

Erasmus and exchange scholarship
Phone: 05 49 45 42 57

Scholarship and Internship abroad
Phone: 05 49 45 44 91

Responsible of department
Phone: 05 49 45 44 33

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