How to apply

Once your profile has been created and your choice made, download the documents enclosed to the application.

After checking the documents, you will receive an email indicating the status of your file: Complete or Incomplete.



Do you hold, or are you in the process of obtaining, a HND, a foreign diploma, or a French diploma that could not access to the training?

This diploma attached to your application will be examined by a commission of teachers who will decide on your request.


Please note that all the information concerning your application (validation, invitation, answers, confirmation, etc.) will be sent to you BY MAIL.

We encourage you to send us a reliable e-mail address when you submit your application, and to regularly check your messages (including your spam).


Score IAE Message


If you apply for one of the 3 courses of the Bachelor Degree Economics – Management at the IAE Poitiers, you must, unless exception, register for the IAE message score, national test of general knowledge.


Conditions of exemption from the test:

Bachelor’s Degree in Management: You are exempt from this test if you are enrolled in Second Year of degree in   Economics Science

at the University of Poitiers or if you have obtained an average greater than or equal to 12/20 in semester 3 of a DUT 2nd year GEA followed in France.

Path Bachelor Accouting Audit Controle :

: You are exempt from this test if you have obtained an average of 12/20 or more in semester 3 of a Technology degree 2nd year Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Management specialized in finance- Accounting followed in France.

Path Bachelor s Communication -Information: You are exempt from this test if you are registered in L2 sciences-eco degree at the University of Poitiers or if you have obtained an average of 12/20 or more in semester 3 of a DUT 2nd year, Infocom, SRC, or GIDO followed in France.

If your country depends on the CSF procedure (Center for Studies in France), you must contact your embassy and apply through the application “Etudes en France”.

33 Countries concerned: Algeria – Argentina – Benin – Brazil – Burkina-Faso – Cameroon – Chile – China – Colombia – Congo Brazzaville – Comoros – South Korea – Ivory Coast – United States – Gabon – Guinea – India – Indonesia – Iran (Jan-2015) – Japan – Lebanon – Madagascar – Mali – Morocco – Mauritius – Mexico – Russia – Senegal – South Korea – Taiwan – Tunisia – Turkey – Vietnam.


If your country does not depend on the CSF procedure, you can apply via our online site.


Organisation des études

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Le service de scolarité est à votre disposition
du lundi au vendredi de 8h30 à 12h15 et de 13h00 à 17h00
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