Discover your first days

Greetings to the new students at the IAE. Here is ‘Service Internationales’, your safest place!
‘Service Internationale’ is your help centre to discover how the University works. Here you can ask every question that you do not know to whom you can address it. And any questions about your study, scholarship and opportunities belong here.

To find the office, you need to find the building of the IAE faculty in the centre-ville of Poitiers city, which address is 20 Rue Guillaume 7 le Troubadour, 86000 Poitiers. The building is close to Rectorat de l’académie de Poitiers, CROUS Poitiers and Présidence de Université de Poitiers. After passing through the doors in the 2nd picture, you can see small yellow construction. Walk to the left of it until the stairs and elevator. Go down 1 flight of stairs, pass through the corridor and find the second door to your right hand. There is office number 117 “Relations Internationales”.

First Rendez-Vous

For the first time in the office, there is a formal procedure. A tour around the faculty building and a little presentation about the University will wait for new students.

You need to prepare some papers: 

  1. Birth certificate (If the document does not include English or French translation, you need to make this with a personal confirmation)
  2. Housing certificate (Attestation de logement)
  3. Learning agreement
  4. Card ID
  5. ID photo 

And then you will receive:

  1. Student ID card
  2. Course schedule
  3. Certificate of education
  4. Login for the ENT system 

If someone needs some documents, like a grant certificate, they can ask the office before the meeting.

Cental Campus facilities

Study apps


This app helps you follow actuarial schedule information. Need to choose the University and group, and voalà. The automatically updated schedule is always on the phone. 

Download: Google Play | App Store


This app helps you use university facilities (including laundry and university restaurants). Check your account status, deposit your funds and pay without a physical card.

Download: Google Play | App Store


This app helps you plot an optimal route by bus to reach the destination. 

Download: Google Play | App Store

Virtual Learning Environment

ENT ( Environnement Numérique de Travail )

Virtual Learning Environment is the system to connect the whole University in one place on the Internet. Checking the schedule and email, making the network and the homework, looking for papers and internships are combined on the

To obtain your profile, ask the International office.


Zimbra is the part of University’s Virtual Learning Environment for contact with professors, administration and other students. This app helps you text somebody with only their first and last names; to find information about university events. With the email address, you also can approve your belonging to the University on other sites.


UPdago is the service where you can find the courses and all materials and pass the exams. Professors prepare workshops with UPdago very often.

  • La vie étudiante continue sur les réseaux sociaux !