Poitiers is the main location of the University of Poitiers with 28,000 students studying either in the city center or on campus. The city thus has the highest share of students (in relation to the total population) of all university cities, making it one of the most “student-friendly” cities in France!

Poitiers, a great city for our students !

Every year the magazine l’Étudiant publishes its annual list of cities where it is good to study. Poitiers is ranked 2nd in its category (large cities). It is one of the few cities of this size to rival the metropolises. In the overall ranking, Poitiers ranks 12th.

Among the criteria retained by L’Étudiant, education, student life and living environment are the main strengths of Poitiers. Based on these criteria alone, it is ranked 5th in the ranking for all cities combined, ahead of Toulouse Lyon, Strasbourg and Bordeaux.

Among the strong points of Poitiers are the following :

  • The possibility of access to all training courses
  • The University of Poitiers is multidisciplinary, which is not the case of all universities. By being a student in Poitiers, you can carry out all your study projects (Medicine, Law, Economics, Psychology, Sciences…).
  • The cost of living is very favorable for students in Poitiers with an average cost of student housing among the lowest in France (320 € per month).

A dynamic IAE

With support for the involvement of associations, cultural and festive activities, conferences, job dating and meetings with professionals, sports activities, services dedicated to distance learning, international relations, mobility, corporate relations : everything is done to welcome students in the best conditions, support their projects and develop their citizenship spirit.

Poitiers, city of art and history

Poitiers is located in an enviable geographical environment, 1.5 hours from the sea, easy to access, the city is halfway on the Paris-Bordeaux axis. A land of passage, encounters and crossbreeding, Poitiers plays a real role on an international level.

Aptly nicknamed the “city of 100 steeples”, Poitiers offers imposing monuments and Romanesque churches but also picturesque medieval streets and half-timbered houses: a medieval atmosphere guaranteed!

Poitiers is also synonymous with a dynamic and eclectic cultural life. For proof, a Theatre & Auditorium of national importance, located in the heart of the city, which completes the numerous animations also programmed all year round (theater, concerts, dance shows, current circus…). Various events of national or international impact are also organized every year, among them the Henri Langlois festival, the street festival of the expressive and many others!


Another trait of character of Poitiers: the abundance of parks and gardens which are as many puffs of oxygen where the inhabitants like to come to recharge their batteries, to stroll, to enjoy the landscape with a book in hand or, for the most courageous, to admire it while doing a little morning jogging. Often considered “the smallest of the big cities”, Poitiers offers all the services of a big city while maintaining a very good quality of life.

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